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MyLife MyFinance was originally a Member owned organisation known as Transcomm Credit Union, which began in 1971.

In 2013 a strategic relationship between MyLifeMyMoney and Transcomm was established. This relationship was formalised in 2016 and with this MyLife MyFinance was launched.

MyLifeMyMoney Superannuation Fund is an Industry Super fund owned and run by members, who have built on their success to broaden their offering beyond super, including MyLife MyFinance, who offer financial services and products.

MyLIfe MyFinance is supervised under the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) as an Approved Deposit Taking Institution (ADI). APRA is responsible for the supervision and regulation of all ADIs, which includes Banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions.

MyLife MyFinance is an Australian banking institution therefore customer deposits are protected by the Australian Government deposit guarantee. This protection is called the Financial Claims Scheme. Please click on our news section or click on for more information on how your deposits with MyLife MyFinance are protected by the Australian Government.

MyLife MyFinance prides itself on its professional and friendly staff that offer quality service to its customer's needs with integrity and efficiency.

Our 10 key promises to you

1. We will be fair and ethical in our dealings with you
2. We will focus on our members
3. We will give you clear information about our products and services
4. We will be responsible lenders
5. We will deliver high customer service and standards
6. We will deal fairly with any complaints
7. We will recognise our customers rights as owners
8. We will comply with our legal and industry obligations
9. We will recognise our impact on the wider community
10. We will support and promote this Code of Practice

We deliver on our guarantee to serve our Customers through our adoption of the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice.Code of Practice

You can download a full copy of the Code here.